A baby is a delightful addition to the life of a young couple, and it’s birth is awaited with much anticipation, excitement and joy. Many weeks and months of the pregnancy precede the happy event of childbirth. While pregnancy and childbirth are natural, our complicated, often stress-filled lives can add to the tension that surrounds the safe and happy birth of a precious baby.

In a culture as old as ours, the myths, traditions, do’s and don’t’s  can be intimidating and confusing. An increasingly aware generation of young parents seek more knowledge to enhance their own confidence levels through an event that is going to change their lives forever. We felt the time was right for prenatal education that seeks to satisfy this need and create communities of healthy and happy young families.

In 1999 we launched Positively Pregnant® with the aim of providing an excellent, well researched, regularly updated series of Prenatal Classes with an interactive, fun and supportive format for expectant couples

Positively Pregnant® is a series of prenatal classes especially designed to help expectant parents deal with the exciting and sometimes difficult months of pregnancy, the labor and childbirth process. It also equips you to take care of your baby.

Positively Pregnant® is more than just a prenatal class. Designed to make a 21st century mother out of a 21st century woman, this 8-week program will see you through the most trying and complex stages of pregnancy and ensure that your childbirth is a comfortable and happy experience.