NET-C's Organizational Development Tools

Management Development Coaching
Corporate and Individual Training
Psychological and Developmental Evaluations
Corporate and Individual Counseling Services
Psychometric Testing

NET-C's Organizational Development Program Objectives

Enhance Individual and Team Efforts
Improve Organizational Structure
Develop Human Resources
Create a Congenial Workplace
Help Human Capital Evolve Personally and Professionally
Effectively Manage Stress and Develop Work-Life Balance

NET-C's Target Candidates for Intervention

Corporate Entities
Upper and Middle Management
Team and Group Heads/Leaders

NET-C's Target Areas for Intervention

Conflict Resolution, Addressing Team Conflict
Team Building and Enhancement
Soft Skills Development
Cultural Sensitivity
Coaching and Mentoring
Motivation, Building and Sustaining
Leadership Skills Enhancement
Situational Leadership, Successful Delegation and Cascading
Change Management
Effective Communication Skills, Dynamic Listening
Presentation Skills
Stress Management using Emotional Intelligence
Work Life Balance, Stress, Anger and Self-Care Management

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing provides a fundamental, highly specific measure of a candidate’s personality. It reduces the risks of selection and development by identifying people with potential. It does so by providing:A quick process for understanding people and what they can do.

Structured information by which one person can be compared with another or with relevant groups.
Predictions of performance.
Evidence of characteristics necessary for success in key roles.
NET-C will conduct the tests, make the evaluations and provide the client with a comprehensive report and interpretation of each candidate’s profile. The tests also have in-built lie detectors.

These internationally acclaimed and widely used tests are standardized on Indian norms and are powerful batteries for individual recruitment, campus placements, walk-in recruitments and internal job postings.


NET-C has a team of excellent experienced trainers for programs as required by the client, details are available on request. Programs are conducted in Pune, anywhere in India and overseas.