Corporate Training & Counseling

NET-C (Niloufer Ebrahim Training and Counseling)

NET-C works with companies and employees towards building strong individual and group growth in the areas of personal and corporate development. Our mandate is to help people develop themselves at the workplace. We provide effective training methodologies that are tailor-made to suit a client’s needs and that of its employees with follow up programs to ensure and quantify results.

Our specialized training programs provide employees with the opportunities to learn new skills and enhance old ones, to learn new patterns of thinking and use change as an opportunity for growth. Companies use our training to impart new proficiencies and help build strong loyalty towards the company and its values.

NET-C’s Psychometric testing series provides confidential evaluations to employers on candidate selection for recruitment, re-deployment, lateral and vertical progression and promotion.

Confidential corporate and individual counseling provides employees with valuable and non-judgmental support to overcome personal and work-related stressors. Psychological counseling services by highly trained and experienced Psychologists and Therapists are now considered mandatory for any effective EAP, and we offer a bouquet of counseling services across various formats that range from the traditional face-to-face counseling to online services.